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With many years of music performance

and instruction, Bradley Saunders is top notch!  Performing professionally, he has performed and recorded with many award winning artists including The 4 Freshmen, The Soul Exciters, Kirby Shaw, The Esquire Jazz Orchestra, The Southern Oregon Jazz Orchestra, The Jefferson State Choral Coalition, Martin Behnke, The Jazzmen, Greg Jasperse, John Jacobson, Roger Emerson, Jared Voss, Gordon Greenley and many many others around the world.  Mr. Saunders also currently holds an honorary principal trumpet position in the very large Mariposa Symphony Orchestra, the smallest town to have a symphony orchestra in the United States and the only orchestra to play in Yosemite in the history of the park.  During his off time from being an active musician, Mr. Saunders teaches music privately and is currently director of bands at Armona Union Academy.  As well as being able to coach even the most advanced of musicians, he also has a unique ability to relate with young musicians which makes him a very sought after private coach.

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Wendy Saunders has taught in several venues and has many years of experience teaching music to all ages of musicians from pre-school to adults.  She has taught all over California and is recognized for her ability to adapt to any child's special learning styles. She is also known as an accomplished floutist, vocalist and soloist and has sung on many recordings.  Mrs. Saunders is also internationally known, having taught music amongst other things at the Kunshan American School in China.  Wendy is a full time kindergarten teacher and director of handbells at Armona Union Academy.

With more than 20 years of experience in music lessons, Saunders Music Academy provides award-winning instruction to our students. Our team of instructors are motivated by their love of music and the passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine.

Many of our private music students have gone on to win some very prestigious music awards in their schools and colleges including the John Phillips Sousa Awards, The Bank of America Award for Music, First Chair Scholarships and many other scholarships.  Take it to the next level with Saunders Music Academy!

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